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DISCONTINUED! The project is no longer being worked on.

InstallIt ...

… is the successor of the famous graphical Xfce Installer written by Benedikt Meurer, a transformation into a generic, Repository-based source package manager. Some facts about InstallIt:

  • is also known as i2t
  • written in Python using PyGTK
  • is able to compile, install and remove source tarballs
  • was started in August 2005
  • is going to be finished in May or June 2006
  • is maintained and written by Jannis Pohlmann, who also is responsible for the Verve panel plugin

Development Topics

Downloads / Sourcecode

Contact / Getting involved

The two most important (and effective) discussion platforms are the installit-dev mailinglist and the #installit IRC channel on FreeNode. That's where you can get in contact with developers of InstallIt as well as other users in the future.

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